Nadia The Dragon (S)Layer

the dragon layer

The first time I met Rolth the Red, I was working for  Discreet Intergalactic Liaisons as Naughty Nadia, Nympho of the Nardoz Nebula.

I seriously loved that job.

Unfortunately, the management at DIL was permanently decommissioned (from life) thanks to a hyperjump ship piloted by a crew of rough and ready Cyborgs. It turns out they were looking for spare parts and loose women—I’ll let you guess which one I was. I had a hell of a time with those boys and even managed to parlay my charms into quite a few upgrades and some weapons training before we parted ways.

The second time I met Rolth, I was working a slightly different gig for the Federation of Assassins and Thieves. Not a bad outfit but one of the worst acronyms ever.

This time, I’d been hired to slay Big Red, only he thought I said something else when I ran into him at the local tavern. Honestly, I might have goofed up the word after one too many pints of Delurian ale. Who knows? Either way, it’s funny what a huge difference a little S can make in the grand scheme of things.

I tried explaining the job to Rolth later—and killing him—but, wouldn’t you know it, things didn’t go exactly as I’d intended. They were super awkward between us after that, but we finally managed to work through our differences in his dungeon.

A good thing, too because you know what they say about dragons.


Oh, well, let’s just say they don’t call him Big Red for nothing…

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