Blogging from A to Z: T is for Titania


Oberon planned it all; sly Puck set the game in motion.

My husband dared to blame poor Puck—a hilarious and desperate notion.

Truth be told, the ancient trickster   followed orders perfectly.

“Make my Queen love a human laborer. The most common of men,  ridiculous and obscene.”

So Puck ventured into the other world and picked for me. He chose a coarse, hard-working human with a lovely, muscled frame to bear the braying, long-eared head of a burdened beast.

The prankster worked his magic, and the once proud Titania fell from grace.

I spent my evenings in the forest, singing praise to a mindless fool until Oberon felt that I had learned my place.

That might have been the end, you see.

It should have been, but, becoming himself again, the man remembered his blushing Fairy Queen.

He returned with the face of an angel and, oh, my stars, he did such wicked, dirty things. The man stripped me bare, there, in the meadow; he tied me down and did his best to make me blush, and writhe, and sing. And, then, we shared the sweetest kisses ’til I fell in love again. He does the same thing every evening, now, and Puck wanders by and joins in.

Puck also loves to make me blush, and writhe, and sing.

His final joke, it seems, was on the Fairy King.






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