Blogging from A to Z: P is for Pianist


“It’s all in the fingers and the wrist,” he said. “Of course, these large hands and long fingers have helped me enormously; I’ve become quite agile in the discipline, ask anyone. Thumb over and thumb under, fast runs and arpeggios.

As a novice, you must practice just to make the fingering of each scale automatic. But we both know there’s so much more than just mindless fingering.

When increasing the speed of repetition, for instance, a skilled hand will orient itself instinctively, using a certain amount of thrust and rotation—the perfect amount for smooth, even play. Fast should never be sloppy; trust me, dear.

Better yet, let me show you…”

One thought on “Blogging from A to Z: P is for Pianist

  1. Mischief Ardmore is a tease
    playing my keys
    with eloquent ease.
    I’m on my knees
    begging please, please.

    Anyway, I’ll leave the sheet music to the professionals. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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