Blogging from A to Z: N is for Nostalgia

Nostalgia: It’s a dear, old friend and a powerful tool.

And, like the rest of you out there, as I’m sure I’ve said before, I am a huge fan of powerful tools.

I’m also a huge fan of the modern pin-up girl—seriously; what’s not to love?

She’s a sexy reminder of a bygone era—pick any point in history you like, people have been interested in sex since the Stone Age—with a twist.

Who wouldn’t be captivated by push-up bras, stocking-kissed legs and a pair of slick, captivating girl-next-door lips in the perfect shade of kiss-n-tell red?


A gorgeous goddess dressed in cherry pies and sunshine or a wicked diva with tattoos and an attitude?

Bring it on, darling; I’ll take either, or both, in a heartbeat.

These days, it’s all about Girl Power and it’s all divine—if you don’t believe me, go ask the Suicide Girls.



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